We are a knitted jumper

A universal and versatile garment, intentionally removed from any limitation or label. The knitted jumper has been worn for years by queens and villagers, sailors and tennis players, ladies and lords.

We are all women

The Escorpion jumper lives on from generation to generation. Over a shirt, T-shirt, just on its own or tied around your neck. With jeans, a skirt, shorts or formal trousers.

On cold days and summer nights.

We are ‘pure heritage’

We capitalise on what we’ve learned since 1929 and work every day to be more sustainable and responsible. We support natural materials, local production and water recycling.

We last an entire lifetime

#UNJERSEYESCORPION (a Escorpion jumper) is recognisable at first glance.

For its design, quality and how it makes you feel when you wear it.